Jelena Mandic always was fascinated by glass.
As Miss Serbia and Montenegro at the 2005 she participated  in competition for Miss Universe contest and won a prestigious scholarship to master studies abroad.
In 2008 she finished with success a master’s degree at the famous CERAM International Business School in Sophia Antipolis, South of France, and with comparative studies¬†in management and strategies in Tourism began the study of the glass.
Learning lamp-work technique she has begun to study with Claire Bangma her private tutor in France, and she continued with further improvements with the most eminent German, Dutch, Italian and American masters of glass.
The Lampwork technique is a type of glass work that uses a dual torch (gas and oxygen fueled) to melt rods of clear and colored Murano glass to create beads. Each bead is made on a mandrel which diameter defines the hole of the bead.
Once in a molten state, the bead is formed by turning the glass onto a mandrel and is shaped and decorated using different techniques.
Although this art form has been practiced since ancient Syrian times (1st century B.C., B.Dunham) it became widely practiced in Murano in Italy in the 14th/15th century and also in France.
Each UriJell piece is unique, the Murano glass has been melted around 900 degrees to become a individually hand decorated bead which distresses in the kiln slowly to room temperature before becoming part of a piece of unique jewelry.
Jelena finds her inspiration mostly in nature and therefore all her creations are so colorful.
The brand name Urijell was born adding the first letter J from the old Slavic name Jelena (meaning burning torch) to the name of Archangel Uriel (angel of flame and fire).With this in mind, Urijell brings light and happiness to everyone who carries it.
Journalist: Nevenka Stojcevic