Beauty will save the world! (F.M. Dostoevsky)

Jelena Mandic is the ambassador of Serbian spirituality, nobility and beauty. She brings all of this into the world thanks to her parental genes and rich cultural tradition of her homeland, and she leaves them all for the entire universe as her heritage to guard them as the most significant world heritage, developed in ancient Slavic homeland, along the river Danube, on the roots of the oldest Vinca civilization and writing system.
Born in Osijek, daughter of the father, Tesla’s compatriot, she was, as a little girl, expatriated together with other Serbs from Croatia into the mother country, Serbia, where she grew up and was raised on her mother’s roots of Sumadija, and she was educated at the University of Belgrade. Thanks to the knowledge, she obtained, she took the step onto the Old continent, in order to upgrade her already built foundations with European inheritance, in order to strengthen them by taking master’s degree and byadopting several languages as her own mother tongue.
And then, by shedding light from far beyond, the Archangel Uriel has “appeared” and with all of his might he shed his light onto his “twin sister” whose name was already woven with flaming light. And he took her on the road to meet her Slavic, Orthodox, Belarusian brothers. On this road, her artistic artifacts were made that enchant you with their beauty, love and warmth with signature UriJell. May you take and enjoy them in health and joy, with the blessing of one celestial and one mundane Angel, to the joy of those, to whom you will pass the light.

Nevenka Stojcevic
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